Friction Isn’t a Bad Thing

“This company is going to change the world by reducing friction for X.”

In some cases, reducing friction is great — education, transportation, basically most things that we would like to consider as public utilities. If more people can more easily access these things, that does the world a whole lot of good (in theory).

But reducing friction for friction’s sake doesn’t make sense. So many aspects of our lives actually benefit from having some friction to overcome.

Example: To make it so damn easy to contact your friends (Facebook, social media) reduces the friction in the relationship. But it is working through the friction that inherently creates strong friendships in the first place. Maybe Facebook wasn’t meant to replace the things we do for our closest friends. Maybe it was meant to help you connect with people you’d otherwise never talk to again. But I think there’s a trend towards good friends diluting their relationship by letting Facebook step in.


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