Barbershop Conversations, Pt. II

Him: I got a story for you.
Me: Shoot.
Him: So there’s a guy on a horse, and he’s in a bit of a hurry to get somewhere. Where he’s going, we’re not really sure. He races his steed down the street. He’s in Athens, so it’s probably cobblestone.

Now he’s stuck behind a slow-as-hell carriage. The young man is pissed. What’s the point of having horses if you move that slow?? 

On the back of the carriage is a little sign that paradoxically reads:


The man angrily steers his horse around the carriage. He speeds away as everyone wonders where the hell he’s headed.

Fifteen minutes later, the slow carriage approaches a crowd of people running to a spot ahead. There’s a horse lying on its side, bleeding, covered in gravel and dirt. A few yards away is the young man, writhing in pain.

He recognizes the carriage from earlier and waves his arms frantically as it slowly passes by.

‘Please help! My beast lost his footing and tumbled to the floor.’

A small fellow pokes his head out of the carriage and says,

‘I’m awfully sorry, but we are in a bit of a hurry!’


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